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Play Analysis - Henry 4 - Play Analysis King Henry IV Part...

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Play Analysis: King Henry IV Part 1 1. Exposition – England is in the midst of calamity in the 1400’s. After the War of the Roses, King Henry ascended to the throne, and all was thought well for a while. However, certain English lords hunger for more power. 2. Inciting incident – Harry Percy (Hotspur) plans a coup to be led by his influential family; the Percys, which once loyally served the new king, and even helped put him on the throne. 3. Rising Action – The amassed army of Hotspur begins to waver in its decisiveness, moving the invasion date up. 4. Crisis – Prince Harry accompanies his father into battle at the Battle of Shrewsbury. 5. Climax – Prince Harry Challenges Hotspur to single combat 6. Dénouement – Henry IV’s forces win the battle and most of the Percy family is put to death. Character Analysis – Harry Percy (Hotspur) 1. Author –
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2. Self – II.iii “ 'But for mine own part, my lord, I could be well contented to be there, in respect of the love I bear your house” I.iii “ My liege, I did deny no prisoners.”
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