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Rubric for the Boot Camp Essays

Rubric for the Boot Camp Essays - Rubric for the Boot Camp...

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Rubric for the Boot Camp Essays 9-8 High quality paper, very specific in it’s references to my article. This level paper will demonstrate a finer understanding of the English These papers will be LARD free, and they will discuss only the plot points of my article that need be discussed; they will not go off and speak of things that have nothing to do with what their purpose should be. I’m not saying they have to be perfect, but they need to show that the author has the knowledge and skill required to write an extended introduction using their unique voice and literary expertise. 7-6 The papers are going to be less well organized, or less insightful than what deserves the highest grades. They must still be skillfully written, but they needed be as structured or thought out. Another big thing will be that these papers will not show as deep of an overall knowledge of literature, its devices, and the “secrets” that are learned by ones who DO possess an obviously more than satisfactory understanding.
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