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William Kempe Research Essay With bits of information concerning the Lord Chaimerlain’s Men, Richard Burbage, The Rose Theatre, The Black Friar Theatre, and the Globe Theatre Although relatively little is known of this recognized associate, indeed contemporary, of William Shakespeare’s, what is known is that he was an extremely colorful personality who performed numerous popular routines, clown acts, dances, and characters as part of several chief acting companies operating during the late 1500’s and early 1600’s throughout England and northwestern Europe. Literary researchers and English Restoration scholars have been able to find very little concerning Kempe’s early life, the first records of his existence being of his employment, preserved in the historical record that was kept of all the actors working for the Earl of Leicester's company. He is believed to have begun his career by performing especially for the Earl and impressing him so much that he received a special payment of 10 shillings. He was hired into the Earl’s private troupe and continued working there until his master was summoned by the royal government to take command of England’s troops in the Netherlands (this was during the time of Eighty Years War). After that job, for which he had garnered a small reputation, he went to go look for work in England where he met George Bryan and Thomas Pope; two future members of the Lord
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Chamberlain’s Men (which Kempe would also become a part of). In England, they entertained Frederick II. This slightly contributed to his renown, but his whereabouts after the mid 1580’s and before his time with the Chamberlain’s men are mysterious. However, it is known that, where ever he was and whatever he was doing during this time, his fame was growing. This is made apparent through Thomas Nashe’s dedicating his play; An Almond for A Parrot (1590), to Kempe, as well as the clown’s being featured on the main poster for A Knack to Know A Knave , another successful play around this time. This is significant because, during this time in history, in English Theatre it was highly important that the potential audience’s attention be grabbed by the advertisements. Otherwise, it was not uncommon for the common man to dismiss a production as boring. This,
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William Kempe Research Essay - William Kempe Research Essay...

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