Against Kitcher's Essay

Against Kitcher's Essay - Skyler Knopp Reasoning and...

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Unformatted text preview: Skyler Knopp 11-16-10 Reasoning and Critical Thinking Kitcher Retort In Kitcher‘s essay, evidence is presented that attempts to disprove the existence of an intelligent creator, or God. I’m here to disprove the disproof. Without going into the undeniably logical advantages of believing in at least some sort of widely accepted, or even personally accepted, deity, it is logical to assume the possibility of a God existing and creating things intelligently. Over the centuries, scientists have consistently attempted to erase God from the textbooks. This has largely been accomplished due to the inability to prove his existence. Science can be ‘proven’ through our observations, while the God described in biblical and other such texts is not physically observable, nor is he contactable, nor is he really even on our plane of existence. He is said to have existed forever, which is unheard of for any other substance in the known universe. While one could say that that right there gives the possibility of his existence; known universe....
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Against Kitcher's Essay - Skyler Knopp Reasoning and...

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