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Unformatted text preview: Skyler Knopp Reasoning and Critical Thinking! 8-26-10 A Justification for the Belief in a Personal God In his debate, Professor Curley touches on many thoughts I myself have contemplated in my hunt for truth; a search, I might add, that has lead to less concrete findings than I had initially hoped for. I must say, however, that his conclusions contain gross logical errors. One can certainly be justified in believing in God. In fact, I daresay t’would be extremely foolhardy not to. Allow me to illustrate using a metaphor. There are two coins on a table, one of which you must flip. There are consequences allotted to each of the four sides, which will be applied to you if the side lands face up when you flip the coin. On one coin, heads will mean when you die, your conscious self will make its way to heaven (however that happens), while tails will mean that when you die, absolutely nothing happens. In other words, your conscious self will cease to exist. The other coin is similar, except that landing on heads will result in your conscious self exist....
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