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Skyler Knopp Asian History 10-14-10 Word Count: 1541 The Ramayana Essay In the classic Indian epic; The Ramayana , the focal character, Rama, underwent a multitude of increasingly difficult trials. Just some of these included facing demonic champions of battle, living under unnecessarily meager conditions in the forest, and giving up his right to the throne of his father’s kingdom. All these sufferings could have easily been avoided if Rama had simply acted using his power and authority and decided to evade them. However, being an example of the ideal Hindu man, Rama chose to fulfill his Dharma; his duty, generally regardless of the cost to himself. Duty was (and still is, for that matter) an especially important element of Indian society. Throughout The Ramayana epic, its characters exemplify the significance of devotion to one’s duties. Perhaps the most obvious case of Rama’s self sacrifice in order to fulfill his Duty, to his father in this case, presented itself when his half brother was placed on the throne after that fairly dirty series of events his half brother’s mother planned and saw carried out. Though his half brother was ashamed and deeply sorrowed that he should take the position of king instead of Rama, and though he begged him to take the role back, Rama refused, saying that his duty was first and foremost to help fulfill the promise his father made to his half brother’s mother. (Narayan, 57) In agreeing to step down from the throne, Rama also agreed to go into exile and live in the woods with nothing but his skills and the forest. (Narayan, 58) Even though the things he agreed to might seem absolutely heart wrenchingly unfair to us, in his eyes all was right with the world because he was fulfilling his ultimate human calling of duty. He even goes so far as to say there is nothing more sacred than the word of a father. (Narayan 56) This was extremely applicable to the lives of Hindus of ancient times because it showed them that through personal
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Skyler Knopp Asian History 10-14-10 Word Count: 1541 sacrifice for one’s family, one could achieve good karma and experience deep life fulfillment even if it seemed like things were all going wrong for them. Since he was utterly content even
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The Ramayna Essay - Skyler Knopp Asian History Word Count...

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