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Emotional Response to the Painting

Emotional Response to the Painting - messages in a less...

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Emotional Response to the Painting When I viewed the painting duly titled “Untitled” by Alexa Udermann , presented in the Harrison School for the Visual and Performing Arts Gallery on January 13 , 2010, I became aware of an emotional evocation stirring within me . The warm color tones, effervescent in selection when placed against a backdrop of darks and dulls , brought forth the piece’s underlying message though exposing positive space . This is: that beauty and innocence are present in nature as well as art because nature and art are one , and these are disintegrated by the pressures and presence of our modern human society . The panting itself appears quite abstract when compared to works that present their
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Unformatted text preview: messages in a less veiled manner . A single youthful sapling is melting into a medley of greens, oranges and reds , while geometric shapes representative of humanity’s disillusionment with natural splendor obtrude into the beatific assortment with insensitivity . While Alexa’s raw artistic skill is green – albeit decidedly a display of innate giftedness , her insight into principal matters of our daily life that generally are left unfathomed is vast . This piece is a reminder to me , and you, and the throngs of our society that if we do not slow down our statistical approach to verve and progression , the essence of art is diminished and will eventually be forgotten ....
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