Orgon Tartuffe monologue

Orgon Tartuffe monologue - and when I rose to go he’d run...

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Ah, when you meet him, you two will be like brothers! There’s been no loftier soul since time began. He is a man who… a man who… an excellent man. To keep his precepts is to be reborn, And to view this dunghill of a world with scorn. Yes, thanks to him I am a changed man indeed. Under his tutelage my soul’s been freed From earthly loves and every human tie: My mother, my children, brother, and wife could die, And I’d not feel a single moment’s pain. Oh, had you seen Tartuffe as I first knew him, Your heart, like mine, would have surrendered to him. He used to come into our church each day And humbly kneel nearby and start to pray. He’d draw the eyes of everybody there By the deep fervor of his heartfelt prayer. He’d sigh and weep, and sometimes with a sound of rapture he would bend and kiss the ground;
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Unformatted text preview: and when I rose to go, he’d run before to offer me holy water at the door. Brother, I don’t pretend to be a sage. Nor have I all the wisdom of the age. There’s just one insight I would dare to claim: I know that true and false are not the same. And just as there is nothing I more revere That a soul who’s faith is steadfast and sincere, Nothing that I more cherish and admire That honest zeal and true religious fire, So there is nothing that I find more base Than specious piety’s dishonest face— Than these bold mountebanks, these histrios Whose impious mummeries and hollow shows Exploit our love of Heaven, and make a jest Of all that men think holiest and best These calculated souls who offer prayers Not to their Maker, but as public wares....
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Orgon Tartuffe monologue - and when I rose to go he’d run...

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