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The First People on the Moon - The First People on the Moon...

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The First People on the Moon Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Noelle Knopp, Brianna Bostelaar Junior Division Performance 1961 was the year that John F. Kennedy stated that the U.S. should work swiftly to achieve one goal. The goal was to send people to the moon and back, and in 1969 we did just that. The lunar model was called “Eagle”, while the name of the spaceship model was Apollo 11. In Eagle, a man named Michael Collins was also leaving to circle the moon and take note of its interesting structures, later claiming that the trip made him“the loneliest man in the universe.” The spaceship model on the other hand, set off with two very important people; Neil Armstrong, and Edward (“Buzz”) Aldrin. July 20, 1969, Neil left the first footprint ever recorded on the moon, soon followed by Buzz.
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This remarkable breakthrough changed history by showing that man can explore the moon without damage being done to the explorer. In later research, this recently revealed that there is ice on the moon, meaning that there is moisture. Now we have newer technology, but
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