Top Cut Article #1 - The Yetis Den Pt. 1: Online Resources...

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Player! Whazzap all you Pokémon People! Skyler Knopp here (aka SanguineYeti on PTCGO) with some useful information for Pokémon players of all levels! I remember when I was first getting started in the world of competitive TCGs, all I wanted to do was become a better player. To this end, I would roam the tundra of the web in relative solitude for hours upon hours searching for the latest info, the best strategy articles, and basically ANYthing useful pertaining to the Pokémon TCG. Eventually, I stumbled upon one great resource, and this lead to another, and so on and so forth until I found The Top Cut: the very BEST Pokémon website of them all! (Arguably) Electronic Pokémon TCG games have sure come a long way! If only someone had written an article listing all the best, most useful Pokémon card websites, I may have been a better man today. Fortunately for you all, I have compiled JUST such a list! If you are reading this article, then you most likely have come to the right place! The Top Cut is the most rousing, active, and like, cool Pokémon place to hang out on the web. Not only is it becoming the premier hub for competitive players to gather online, but it has fabulous writers contributing articles, the forums are now up, and excitingly enough world renowned player Kyle Sucevich (affectionately known to the Pokémon community as Pooka) streams his games live most nights of the week for your viewing pleasure! Not only do you get to hear his lithe sense of humor, but you get to talk with other players from around the nation in the chat room! Best TV show around, on or offline. (Arguably) The Top Cut Wants You! Anyway, without further ado, first up, is
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Top Cut Article #1 - The Yetis Den Pt. 1: Online Resources...

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