exam 1 notes - o There are the domains called Bacteria,...

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o There are the domains called Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. The first two have prokaryotic cells. The last one has Eukaryotic. Eukaryoic cells are larger and more complex then prokaryotic cell. o Artificial selection is selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals to promote the occurrence of desirable inherited traits in an offspring o Natural selection is differential success in reproduction by different phenotypes resulting from interactions with the environment. Evolution occurs when natural selection produces changes in the relative frequencies of alleles in the population’s gene pool. For natural selection to occur there needs to be overproduction and competition, inheritance, individual variation, and unequal reproductive success. Selective predation can be an agent of natural selection because it favors the animals who can survive the best o All living things have a common set of characteristics o Order - complex but ordered organization o Regulation - mechanisms regulate the organism’s internal environment, keeping it within limits o Growth and development - info carried by genes control this pattern o Energy utilization - they take in energy and transform it in performing all of life’s activities o Response to the environment - all organisms respond to environmental stimuli o Reproduction- organism reproduce their own kind o Evolution - reproduction underlies the capacity populations to change over time o Cells are the basic unit for life. There are two types, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells o Bacteria are able to express human genes o An ecosystem consists of all the organisms and nonliving components of a particular environment. Energy is not recycled, but lost from an ecosystem.
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exam 1 notes - o There are the domains called Bacteria,...

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