Lecture 7 - group has their own goods and services d....

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Lecture 7: Life in the City Recap…the immigrant experience I. Social geography of cities a. Noise and smell a.i. Poor sanitation, garbage was piled up in dumps, little ventilation b. Spatial expansion b.i. Designers need to expand because there are so many people in the cities c. Spatial differentiation c.i. Shopping centers II. Growth of Suburbs a. Historical creations b. Clean and green c. Tied to cities by transportation network c.i. Suburbs are usually placed by train station so people can get to work d. Was there an alternative? e. American values and the burb f. Suburbs were not as diverse as cities III. Cities as organic units a. Physical challenges a.i. Fires can start because everything is made of wood b. Diversity of peoples b.i. People gather in clusters c. Interdependence c.i. Each group wants to keep their identity but they have to mix because each
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Unformatted text preview: group has their own goods and services d. Personal freedom e. Rapid change IV. Urban Institutions a. The political machine a.i. Congress does not help you personally a.ii. They do not try to get you a job or anything but they try to get people on there side b. Metropolitan press b.i. City wide news papers are coming up at this time b.ii. You can read everyones stories c. Department stores c.i. Huge stores c.ii. Shows how pretty the cities can be because these displays are famous c.iii. They advertise and make it so you need to buy it d. Spectacular sports esp. baseball d.i. Gets people to come together because they can all watch one thing V. Summing up a. Immigrants strove to strike a balance b. City was a center of conflict and flux...
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Lecture 7 - group has their own goods and services d....

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