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2/3/2010 Lecture 10: Unrest on the Farm Recap: 1) Structural changes 2) The question causation 3) Merges failed 4) Severe economic dislocations I. Unrest on the Farm a. Declining prices a.i. More supply, lest demand a.ii. More land so more area to make product b. Middlemen c. Deflation d. Debt e. Bad weather II. What could be done? a. Private solutions a.i. Formed farmer alliances a.ii. Wanted to sell products in bulk but farmers did not have the ability or money to make that plan
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Unformatted text preview: b. Political activity III. Populism a. More power to the people b. Formed party in 1892 c. 8.5 percent; did fairly well d. They made gain e. There is a worry that they will pull votes from the other parties IV. The crisis of the late 19 th century a. Lack of order/stability a.i. Island communities: didn’t depend much on the outside world a.ii. They break down though b. Changing circumstances c. Farmers too...
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