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Lecture 16 - a Regulation a.i Cooperates were not broken up...

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2/17/10 Lecture 16: Leaders of Progressivism I. National Progressivism a. Teddy Roosevelt a.i. Becomes president after McKinley was assonated in 1901 a.ii. He was born into wealth, loyal republican a.iii. Out spoken a.iv. Leads the strenuous life a.v. New nationalism; willing to take more responsibility a.vi. Was not afraid to step up to the large corporations a.vii. Did not think the large companies were bad though; wanted compromises a.viii. The food and drug act was passed b. William Howard Taft b.i. Large man, 6 feet tall, over 300 pounds b.ii. Sedentary type president b.iii. Continuing Roosevelt’s policies b.iv. Not that aggressive c. Election of 1912: c.i. GOP split c.ii. Democrats put up Woodrow Wilson; ran as progressive democrat c.iii. Wilson wins because there are two republicans in the election c.iv. His plan was new freedom II. The Meaning of Progressivism a. The government is starting to take responsibility for the economy III. The form of Progressivism
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Unformatted text preview: a. Regulation a.i. Cooperates were not broken up, they are just setting up rules b. Separation of ideology and reality b.i. Large groups dominated b.ii. Social welfare programs so poor people can get help from the government c. Regulation and corporate America c.i. Regulation was not anti-business d. Independent regulatory commissions d.i. People in these commissions are from the factories because they are the skilled ones d.ii. It becomes an issue who gets appointed to these commissions e. Humanitarian reforms and business interests f. Insulated decision-making g. A fundamental political transformation IV. The “Progressive Heritage” 2/17/10 a. Extensive regulation is passed and the government is now taking responsibility for the economy b. They are working hand and hand with the corporation’s c. Everyone is pushing for...
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Lecture 16 - a Regulation a.i Cooperates were not broken up...

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