Lecture 18 - III 1916 election Wilson’s Peace Campaign a...

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2/22/10 Lecture 18 Ways that caused world war one a) Assignation b) Entangling alliances c) Machismo d) Nationalism and imperialism Why did America get involved a) Wilson’s belief b) Economic reasons c) Lusitania d) Zimmerman e) Stop genocide Recap: Foreign Affairs in the Early 20 th century a) American imperialism in the Philippines b) The great debate and the election of 1900 c) The Caribbean, asia, and Europe d) “Cooling-off” treaties I. America response to the Outbreak of WWI a. Claimed America was above the war and was convinces that it would not come to them since it was going on in Europe b. Wilson declares Neutrality b.i. America wanted to be a neutral nation; can’t be shot at but we can use water ways and trade with everyone b.ii. Thought America was impartial c. German U-boats c.i. Submarine like II. Demanding the Rights of Neutrals a. Lusitania sunk by a submarine, probably 1,260 dead
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Unformatted text preview: III. 1916 election: Wilson’s Peace Campaign a. Wants to fight for peace. Key to his strategy. Say no war IV. America Enters the War a. Series of attaches on merchant ships b. America declares war and only a few progressives are against it c. Important role in winning the role c.i. All their efforts are going to west c.ii. They gave many supplies d. Importance of administrative government d.i. Ideas that were formed d.ii. Progressive. Trying to get things done d.iii. Organize industry to get better results and can get enough materials e. Wilson leads an idealistic crusade 2/22/10 e.i. No draft in place but tries to get people to join by propaganda e.ii. We won’t come back until its over, over there V. What is the problem with this… a. Far cry from reality...
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Lecture 18 - III 1916 election Wilson’s Peace Campaign a...

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