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Lecture 23 - a.i Subsidies farmers to restrict production b...

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Lecture 23: Hoover and Roosevelt Recap 1) Economics of the 1920s 2) Causes of the Depression 3) The resultant crisis I. Herbert Hover a. Sweeps into presidency b. 83.5% of electoral vote c. Trained at fancy schools: engineering, Stanford d. Last president to try to get the 1900s back e. But he is early 20 th century progression II. Cooperative Associations a. Tried to get people together to get them to do things together b. Everyone needed to make less so there is greater demand for what is out there c. RFC. Program to lend money to businesses III. The Hoover Alternative a. Small government b. Hoover is hated by the time he leaves presidency c. Tries to get the nation back on track IV. Franklin Delano Roosevelt a. Democrat who most of country votes for. 89% b. Wanted to be president when younger c. Married his fifth cousin d. Relief program for the unemployed e. Roosevelt is able to run safe campaign because so many people did not like Hoover V. Response to Great Depression: First Hundred Days a. AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Acts
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Unformatted text preview: a.i. Subsidies farmers to restrict production b. NIRA- National Industrial Recovery Act b.i. Exempt the businesses from anti-trust laws b.ii. Section 7a. the right to unionize for workers c. CCC- Civilian Conservation Corp c.i. Conservation c.ii. Building parks, cleaning up camp grounds d. WPA-Works Progress Administration d.i. Projects that will get people to work d.ii. Artists were given money to go out and draw stuff d.iii. MSU auditorium e. PWA-Public Works Administration f. TVA-Tennessee Valley Authority g. FERA-Federal Emergency Relief Act g.i. Given money to administrations h. “We have nothing to fear except fear itself” i. Conservative ideals. Closes the banks and takes there temperature. When they reopen, capitalism is saved j. We are seeing modern president because they are not just sitting back and signing congress bills but giving their ideas to them k. The new deal ended the crisis...
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