Lecture 24 - V. Welfare and Government Spending a. The...

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Lecture 24: Evaluating the New Deal Recap Hoover After Freddy Roosevelt takes over, BIG change in presidency I. II. The Challenge a. Stop the downward spiral b. Provide relief c. Promote recovery III. Industrial Policy: the N.R.A. a. The blue eagle a.i. b. Hugh Johnson b.i. Sets out regulations for everything that is out there b.ii. Big businesses are willing to work with him b.iii. He just doesn’t set it up for the big businesses, every industry c. Stability, not recovery d. Opposition d.i. Opposition grows and in 1935 the supreme court checks in e. Little NRAs IV. Agriculture a. The crisis a.i. Everyone is making so many crops so there is to much market out there b. Alternatives b.i. Subsidize c. Who benefits? c.i. The farmers to good c.ii. The employees don’t do well because they are not having to do the work d. The problems of tenancy d.i. People realize the farm jobs are gone and not coming back e. Consumers e.i. Won’t be able to afford the new prices e.ii. If they are not producing as much food then not as many people can get it
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Unformatted text preview: V. Welfare and Government Spending a. The value of welfare a.i. Policies are putting money in the economy so people are able to spend more b. The limits put on it VI. The Modern Federal Government a. Dominance of federal government b. New role for president c. Vast executive bureaucracy d. Broker state, e.g. Labor d.i. Wagner act. Right to unionize d.ii. Lets the big business run themselves since labor has a voice too VII. Pluralism and its limits a. Unorganized groups a.i. Those at the bottom are left out a.ii. Bottom run of society b. The public interest b.i. Depends on what the people want VIII. Summing Up a. What am I saying about pluralism? b. What am I saying about the role of government? b.i. The government had to take more responsibility for the economy b.ii. America remains a capitalist economy...
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Lecture 24 - V. Welfare and Government Spending a. The...

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