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Lecture 26 - c Draft c.i 1940 it begins VI Pearl Harbor a...

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Lecture 26: Going to War Recap: the Lessons of the Thirties 1) Depression was real 2) Could not be endured or solved without active intervention by the federal government 3) The overwhelming majority of Americans understood this I. The Unfinished Conflict a. WWII is just connected to the WWI II. America in the Inter-war Period a. “Good neighbors in Latin America” b. Danger to the East c. Retreat from Europe d. Kellog-Briand pact d.i. Outlawing war III. The Rise of Fascism a. Japan (Tojo) b. Italy (Mossolini) c. Germany (Hitler) IV. American Isolationism a. Nye Investigation b. Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1937 c. Appeasement V. The Slow Road to American Involvement a. Destroyer deal b. Lend-lease b.i. The nation starts realizing that they need to help the allies. They do not want to get involved but willing to send money b.ii. America lends/lease to the allies so they give them stuff to use. b.iii. When it is all over, they will figure out what each country owes
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Unformatted text preview: c. Draft c.i. 1940 it begins. VI. Pearl Harbor a. Japanese who bombs pearl harbor b. Did not cripple the US navy the way the Japanese were hoping it too VII. Fighting the War a. The war on Germany a.i. First 6 months of our participation is a disaster a.ii. Cannot do much at first because they do not have the ships a.iii. By October 1943, US finally starts pushing Germany back VIII. Fighting the War a. The war of Germany b. The war in the Pacific b.i. April 1942 is first strike on Japan b.ii. Fire bombings: major damage b.iii. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima August 6, 1945 c. The costs c.i. 62? million people are killed c.ii. Most of the Jews in Europe are killed (6 million) c.iii. United States did not have as much damage as the other countries c.iv. Very few battles on American Battle c.iv.1. Attu and Pearl Harbor c.v. Depression basically ends for America...
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Lecture 26 - c Draft c.i 1940 it begins VI Pearl Harbor a...

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