Lecture 36 - b.i In 1968 Chicago police clashed with...

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April 14, 2010 Lecture 36: Radicalism, Backlash, and 1970s Politics I. Culmination of Idealism a. Lyndon Johnson takes office November 22, 1963. II. Why the Left Turns Raical a. Disgust with the way the system worked b. The Vietnam War III. Brief Look at the Radicalism a. Extensions of Civil Rights b. Idealism turns to rage c. Unsuccessful protests c.i. Protesting the Vietnam war at universities d. The draft d.i. Discriminatory d.ii. Blacks got more sent more then white d.iii. Test. Do better, better position d.iv. Anyone classified as 4-F cannot be drafted d.iv.1. Homosexual, handicapped d.v. Draft Dodger Rag by Phil Ochs IV. Some ways to legally avoid the draft a. IV-F: medically, physically, morally unfit b. I-O: Conscientious objector c. I-D: ROTC/ National Guard d. II-S: College Deferment V. Some Ways to Illegally Avoid the Draft a. Burn your draft card b. Exile in Canada b.i. Cannot tell how many people went because border was not asking questions VI. Polarization a. End of postwar consensus b. Confrontation
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Unformatted text preview: b.i. In 1968. Chicago police clashed with protesters outside the Democratic National Convention b.ii. 56 percent of Americans supported the actions of the police b.iii. Lefts v. right VII. Richard Nixon a. 1968 Election Strategy a.i. Law and order a.ii. Code for he was against all new movements April 14, 2010 a.iii. He was for traditional values b. Vietnam war strategy b.i. End the war to go to Cambodia c. May 1970 c.i. Government killed civilians. Four dead in Ohio c.ii. Neil Young “Ohio” d. Dirty tricks e. Peace is at hand f. Watergate f.i. Wiretapping at Watergate hotel where the democrat’s headquarters was g. Breakdown VIII. Legacies of the Era a. Negatives b. Positives b.i. Ended the war b.ii. Equal rights c. Reforming the draft c.i. Clemency and pardons c.i.1. People who dodged the draft had to work their way back into society c.ii. Reconciliation Gerald ford takes over once he resigns...
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Lecture 36 - b.i In 1968 Chicago police clashed with...

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