10 - • Spondaic two stressed and no unstressed 1 foot per...

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Some Poetry Terms Poetry - a type of literature that usually employs some sense of a regular recurrence of some kind of rhythm pattern Meter - a regular rhythmic recurrence. The study of meter is called prosody Verse - a line of poetry as opposed to the sentence in prose Stanza - a division of poetry (akin to a paragraph in prose) Rhythm - the pattern of sounds and pauses in a poem. Can be reoccurring (meter) or varied (free verse) Free Verse - poetry written without regular meter or rhyme. Still has a recognizable rhythm. Blank verse - verse written in unrhymed iambic pentameter. It is though to emulate human speech Speaker - the voice in a poem, not necessarily the poet Prosody Traditionally, the meter is designated by feet (units of stressed and unstressed syllables) and number of feet. Common types of feet are Iambic (one unaccented followed by one accented syllable Trochaic one accented followed by one unaccented Dactylic: one accented followed by two unaccented Anapestic: two unaccented, one accented
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Unformatted text preview: • Spondaic two stressed and no unstressed 1 foot per verse-monometer 2 foot per verse- dimeter 3 trimeter 4 tetrameter 5 pentameter 6 hexameter 7 heptameter Other structural conventions These conventions can be used for reinforcing the rhythm of a poem, aesthetics (making the poem pretty), or as cues to the reader Rhyme- the repetition of identical (seat/heat) or similar sounds (send.sound), usually at the end of a verse Alliteration- beginning sounds is the same in two or more words in a line (great/grow) Assonance- vowel sounds are the same (great/fail) Consonance- end sounds is the same (send/hand) Genres of Poetry Epic poetry- tells a narrative of a heroic act or deed….paul riveres ride Lyric Poetry- more personal in scope, attempts to convey a feeling or a mood Ode- type of lyric poem that addresses a person (or thing) in a dignified and serious manner Elegy- a mournful poem that is usually a lament for or remembrance of the dead…francis myles...
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10 - • Spondaic two stressed and no unstressed 1 foot per...

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