10 - The Swamp Doesn’t want to fish in the swamp because...

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Nick Adams Stories The relationships between the stories The iceberg theory Personal experience of death Weird relationship to women and to marriage Big Two Hearted River After the war story o Speaking of Courage- O’Brian o The Wounded Platoon Sojourn into nature story o Red badge of courage o “On the Rainy River” O’Brian o Witman After the War Story Readjusting to civilian life Emotional Dealing with painful memories PTSD Difficulty making new relationships/trusting Change from the way they were before Violence Substance abuse makes things palatable Sojourn into nature story Private space Contrast to the everyday (escape) Places where epiphanies occur Nature is comforting, where you feel at one Nature is scary, where you feel anxious, where you feel a struggle Metaphor for one’s own interiority or soul Nature becomes personified (animals, trees) Everything is a symbol
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Unformatted text preview: The Swamp Doesn’t want to fish in the swamp because swamp represents something not pure or not clean “In the Swamp fishing was a tragic adventure” 198 somehow associated with a bad memory something to be dealt with laer place to avoided 183 dark, where insects originate The Forest Comforting, peaceful, escape 182 185 his home 181: bare ground very high ceiling made by the branches. Long branchless trunks River Constant Place of orientation, friendly P 178: crutch to solve his problems 188: excites his soul Grasshoppers, Trout, and Nick Grasshoppers 180 black grasshoppers, turned black after the fire, will they turn back Kinship to the grasshoppers Bait, they’re tortured, skewered by hooks Trout Stubborn P 192 Nick Goes from being mechanical to being more human Goes from being at peace with nature to dominating nature “Unnatural”...
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10 - The Swamp Doesn’t want to fish in the swamp because...

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