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Science Science is progress Science is the superior method of explanation Science (rightfully replaced superstition as an explanation for how things are) Is there anything that science cannot explain? Are there things we used to know, that we forgot because of science? Is there any use for non-scientific explanations of things? How Ceremony thinks about Science Give one “unscientific” explanation for why there is a draught o Reminder to them to remember their traditions and keep their beliefs alive Describe one way that time works in this novel that does not have to do with clocks or calendars or sequence Identify one instance where progress is positive in this novel Identify one instance where progress is negative in this novel
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Unformatted text preview: o Medicine did not really help his ptsd Ck’o’yo Magic P 135, 169, 191, 204,229, 246 What makes Ck’o’yo magic so evil Once it is loose, its lose. I cant control it Oppression of native American cultures What are some tangible effects of Ck’o’yo Is Ck’o’yo magic the same thing as Western Culture Does the novel suggest traditional native American culture is incompatible with western culture? Ceromony in Context Why do native americans have such a presence in so many of our war stories? What are some of the war story conventions (not themese) ceremony use? To what effect? What is the signiicance of being multi-racial in this novel Can we make any connectiosn between martin from the searchers and Tayo...
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