Notes-the searchers - Reviews of “the Searchers” 1 It...

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The Searchers- Does it fit? 1) us vs. them a. Us= “the white settles” b. Them= the commanche 2) The stabilizing effect of relationships a. Lucy dies brad can’t take it b. Laurie and Martin- Laurie can’t take it c. Some kind of past between Ethan and Martha d. Ethan and Martin e. Debbie and Scar 3) Debbie and Mary Anne in TTTC a. Adapted to a different kind of life 4) Ethan the old salt (like Mac) and Martin the new recruit 5) Sacrifices for the greater good. Sacrifice of Ski 6) Ethan as veteran like Nick Adams a. Ethan is discouraged b. Maybe resentful c. Dissociated form emotions d. Can’t rejoin society e. His sensibility is already compromised, but he protects others sensibility f. Anti-hero g. Transference of hatred? h. How racism is reinforced? i. How stereotypes are reinforced j. Transference of the self onto the other 7) Martin- orphan who was rescued by Ethan. Martin is a “half-breed” He is the mediator between Ethan and the Commanches. He won’t settle down with Laurie, but he’s obsessed with Debbie a. How do we read him?
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Unformatted text preview: Reviews of “the Searchers” 1) It is a typical Hollywood western mired in racism, sentimentality, and wishful thinking 2) Celebrates chauvinism and reinforces prejudices 3) A nuanced exploration oh how prejudice works 4) Blurs the line between justice and revenge 5) The film is not as concerned with the fight between good and evil as it is with “the contradictory tensions that bedevil people who are, in the larger scheme, on the same side.” I.E. it claims we are all morally ambiguous 6) Asks the question of how much violence and barbarism we are prepared to allow to maintain our way of life Questions about “the searchers” 1) is it a war story? Why or why not 2) are we meant to see Ethan Edwards as a hero? If so, what kind of hero is he? 3) Is the film racist or anti-racist? Is it sexist or anti-sexist a. I think it is more sexist then racist 4) What is the position the film takes about when violence is necessary or excusable?...
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Notes-the searchers - Reviews of “the Searchers” 1 It...

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