Chapter two notes - Chapter two notes Self an evolving...

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Chapter two notes Self - an evolving composite of three components: self-awareness, self-concept, and self-esteem Self-awareness 1) Self-awareness- the ability to step outside yourself; view yourself as a unique person distinct from your surrounding environment and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behavior; and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. a. Ex- sending a nice text message leads you to think of yourself as a “supportive person” 2) Self comparison - observing and assigning meaning to others’ behavior and then comparing their behavior against ours. a. Ex- compare favorably; we think well of ourselves 3) Ask the question who am I? Self-concept 1) Self-concept- your overall perception of who you are. Based on beliefs, attitudes, and values you have about yourself. a. Beliefs are convictions that certain things are true. a.i. Ex- “I am an excellent person b. Attitudes are evaluative appraisals b.i. Ex- “I am happy with my appearance” c. Values represent enduring principles that guide your interpersonal actions c.i. Ex- “I think it is wrong to…” 2) Looking-glass self - self-concepts are strongly influenced by our beliefs about how others see and evaluate us and our emotional response to those beliefs 3) Self-fulfilling prophecies - predictions about future interactions that lead us to behave in ways that ensure the interaction unfolds as we predicted a. Ex- if you believe that you are unattractive then you predict failure when you go out. If you believe you are skilled then you predict that you will get the job and have more confidence Self-esteem 1) Self-esteem - the overall value that we assign to ourselves. a. “Given who I am, what is my evaluation of my worth?” b. When you are happy with yourself, the happiness radiates outward” 2) Self-discrepancy theory - suggests that your self-esteem is determined by how you compare to two mental standard a. Ideal self- the characteristics you want to possess based on your desires a.i. The perfect you; includes mental, physical, emotional, material, and spiritual b. Ought self- the person wish and expect you to be; stems from expectations of your family, friends, colleagues, romantic partners, as well as cultural norms
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Chapter two notes c. You feel happy and content when your perception of your self matches both your
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Chapter two notes - Chapter two notes Self an evolving...

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