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review exam 3 - Stereotypes about men and women found by...

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COM 225 Review Sheet 3 Material to know from Lecture Propinquity and its effects on attraction Effects of similarity on attraction Qualifications for BOF Effect 3 types of similarity, and findings of Neimeyer & Mitchell Findings related to physical attractiveness and attraction Rubin’s liking and loving; 4 types of relationships Assumptions of social exchange Thibaut & Kelley: Outcomes, CL, & CLalt, and their relationship to satisfaction and stability 4 relationship types Principle of least interest
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Unformatted text preview: Stereotypes about men and women found by Rubin All results from Rubin study Socioeconomic and management of emotions explanations for Rubin results All information re: LAS (characteristics of love attitudes; examples) LAS research findings Variables of Parks & Adelman study Findings at Time 2 Chapter 10 Chapter opener (Steve’s experience with Romeo & Juliet) All text content Table 10.3 Focus on Culture (Infidelity Internationally)...
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