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1 College Chemistry I Course Description CHM2045: College Chemistry I (3) P CHM2045L: College Chemistry I Laboratory (1) P This is the first course of a two-term survey of chemistry intended for science, engineering and pre-professional majors. It includes the study of atomic structure, bonding, molecular geometry, stoichiometry, nomenclature, states of matter, thermodynamics, periodic trends in physical and chemical transformations, solution chemistry, and chemical kinetics. The successful student will have prior chemistry experience from high school or college. Prerequisites: A minimum score on the placement exam or succesful completion of CHM 1025 and a grade of “C” or better in College Algebra (MAC1105), or its equivalent. Corequisite: the same section of CHM 2045 and CHM2045L must be taken together. Rationale This course helps support the college mission of providing the highest quality post-secondary education, leading to the Associate of Arts degree, and further to a baccalaureate degree. This course may be taken to fulfil the physical science portion of the General Education requirements for the Associate of Arts degree. Specifically, this course addresses the need of students pursuing science, engineering, and pre- professional programs of study. To this end, the course will help students build for themselves a vocabulary sufficient for successful technical communication, an interpretative atomic model 1
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based on conceptual relationships and connections, to develop critical reasoning and analytical problem solving skills, and to reinforce mathematical and computer skills. Impact Assessment The general chemistry sequence, of which this is the first course, is required of all traditional science, engineering, and pre-professional majors. Success in the course is highly dependent on math reasoning skills, thus it has a prerequisite of College Algebra. The laboratory experience is integral to success in the course, the lecture and lab course must be taken together. Broad Course Objectives This course supports the departmental goal of providing a foundation in the sciences for students aspiring to science, engineering, and pre-professional majors. Students will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in using basic mathematical and conceptual models, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting physical and chemical properties in terms of the atomic model. In order to achieve these objectives, the instructor will strive to: 1. extend students’ ability to apply mathematics and math reasoning to chemistry situations; 2. enable students to develop their critical reasoning skills; 3. expand students’ experience with characteristic properties and chemical changes; 4. extend students’ vocabulary of science concepts and terms; 5. illustrate the methodology of scientific inquiry; and, 6. provide perspective on the professional activities of science practitioners. Course Outline with Specific Objectives
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chm2045-RDS - 1 CHM 2045 & CHM 2045L College Chemistry I...

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