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Computer Assignment - II Excel Exercise Data Table atomic...

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Computer Assignment Atom Radius Exercise In this assignment the student will send an email with an attachment and generate a chart with Excel. I. Send an email to your instructor using the email provider that you usually use. The subject line should read “CHM 2045”. The body of the email should contain the following: a) Name b) Major c) Did you take CHM 1025? d) Where did you take CHM 1025? e) What was your grade? f) Do you work? How many hours per week? g) What is your math background? h) Do you have any medical problems that may interfere with lab? The Excel exercise (see below) should be attached to this email.
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Unformatted text preview: II. Excel Exercise Data Table atomic radius diameter surface area volume R 2*R 4* π*R 2 (4/3)*π*R 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 a) Open Excel. b) Copy and paste the data table above in the Excel program. c) Remember π = 3.1416 d) Enter the equations into line 3. Begin the equation with “=”. e) Copy and paste the equations to the rest of the table. f) Produce a chart of the values in XY scatter. g) Move the chart to a new page. h) Select Layout. i) Input a chart title (Atom Radius), axis titles (x axis, Radius; y axis, Function) j) Save and attach to the email above....
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Computer Assignment - II Excel Exercise Data Table atomic...

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