Hw2-G1-BasicAtom - Exercise Set 2 BASIC ATOMIC STRUCTURE...

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Exercise Set 2 BASIC ATOMIC STRUCTURE CHM 2045 Hw2-G1-BasicAtom.wpd Sub-Atomic Particles 1. Cathode-ray tube A has silver electrodes, and cathode ray tube B has gold electrodes; otherwise the two are identical. Explain how the cathode-rays of both support the theory that electrons are fundamental particles of all matter. 2. a) When a neutral body gains electrons, what is its charge? b) What is the charge of a neutral body that gives up electrons? 3. In a physics laboratory a student carried out the Millikan oil-drop experiment, using several oil droplets for her measurements, and calculated the charges on the drops. She obtained the following data: Droplet Calculated Charge A 1.60 x 10 -19 coulombs B 3.15 x 10 C 4.81 x 10 D 6.31 x 10 What is the significance of the fact that the droplets carried different charges? What conclusion can the student draw from these data regarding the charge of the electron? What value should she report for the electronic charge? 4. The ratio of charge/mass (e/m) for an electron is -1.76 x 10 8 coul/g. The charge/mass ratio for a proton is + 9.58 x 10 4 Millikan determined unit charge to be ± 1.60 x 10 coul. Use these data to calculate the mass of an electron and a proton. Why do chemists often consider the electron to be almost "massless"?
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Hw2-G1-BasicAtom - Exercise Set 2 BASIC ATOMIC STRUCTURE...

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