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Exercise Set 7 GENERAL CONCEPTS of CHEMICAL BONDING CHM 2045 Hw7-G1-GenBond-PDF.wpd Common Monoatomic Ions 1. Identify the following monoatomic ions as having noble gas (1s 2 or ns 2 np 6 ) , pseudo-noble gas (nd 10 ) , or ns 2 (n-1)d 10 configurations : a) Al 3+ b) Ga 3+ c) Sc 3+ d) N 3- e) Pb 2+ f) K + g) Ba 2+ h) Cu + i) Cd 2+ j) Tl + k) Bi 3+ l) S 2- m) Br - n) H - o) O 2- p) Be 2+ 2. First write the ground state electron configuration of each atom below. Next determine the number of electron(s) that might be added or removed to yield reasonably stable electron configuration(s) for monoatomic cation(s) or anion(s) of that atom. Then write the ion(s) with the correct charge. a) Mg b) Se c) Tl d) Ag e) Cl f) P g) Li h) Na i) Sn j) F k) Ca l) In m) O n) Zn o) Hg p) Cs 3. Predict the charge on the monoatomic ions formed from the following elements in ionic compounds containing these elements: a) As b) Br c) Ca d) Cs e) I f) Se g) K h) Cu i) Sn j) Fe k) Al l) O m) Co n) Sr o) Zn p) Hg q) S r) Cr s) Mg t) Tl u) Ba v) F w) Pb x) Ni Ionic Bonding 4. M and X in the combinations below represent elements in the third period of the Periodic Table. Identify the elements in each case and write the specific formula for each. a) [M 2+ ][X 2- ] b) [M + ] 3 [X 3- ] c) [M 3+ ][X - ] 3 d) [M 2+ ] 3 [X 3- ] 2 5. Determine the charge carried by each monoatomic ion in the following compounds: a) K 2 S b) AlN c) AlF 3 d) CsI e) MgSe f) Na 2 O g) CaS h) Mg 3 N 2 i) Fe 2 S 3 j) KI k) Li 3 P l) Cu 2 O
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2 6. Write the chemical formula(s) of the ionic compound(s) formed between each of the following pairs (metal and nonmetal) of elements. Base your ionic formula predictions on the different combinations of monoatomic ions likely for each of the pairs. a) Na, F b) Be, O c) Al, S d) Zn, Cl e) K, Se f) Li, N g) Mg, P h) Sn, F i) Ca, H j) Zn, Br k) Tl, O l) K, I m) Fe, O n) Hg, Cl o) Ni, Br p) Ba, S q) Ga, F r) Cu, O 7. Complete and balance the following equations: C Remember to first write the correct formula of the ionic product, then balance the equation by adjusting only the coefficients. a) K + I 2 ! b) Cs + P 4 ! c) Mg + S 8 ! d) Al + O 2 ! e) Zn + Br 2 ! f) Li + N 2 ! g) Ni + Cl 2 ! h) Ca + O 2 ! i) Ga + F 2 !
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