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Cations: Li + Lithium ion Na + Sodium ion K + Potassium ion Rb + Rubidium ion Cs + Cesium ion NH 4 + Ammonium ion Ag + Silver ion Al 3+ Aluminum ion Zn 2+ Zinc ion Hg 2+ Mercury(II) ion ('mercuric') Hg 2 2+ Mercury(I) ion ('mercurous') Be 2+ Beryllium ion Mg 2+ Magnesium ion Ca 2+ Calcium ion Sr 2+ Strontium ion Ba 2+ Barium ion Ra 2+ Radium ion Cu + Copper(I) ion ('cuprous') Cu 2+ Copper(II) ion ('cupric') Fe 2+ Iron(II) ion ('ferrous') Fe 3+ Iron(III) ion ('ferric') Monatomic Anions: F n Fluoride ion Cl n Chloride ion Br n Bromide ion I n Iodide ion O 2 n Oxide ion S 2 n Sulfide ion Se 2 n Selenide ion Te 2 n Telluride ion N 3 n Nitride ion P 3 n Phosphide ion As 3 n Arsenide ion Polyatomic Anions: OH n Hydroxide ion, CN n , Cyanide ion, C 2 H 3 O 2 n , Acetate ion Related Non-oxy acids: HF Hydrofluoric acid HCl Hydrochloric acid HBr Hydrobromic acid HI Hydroiodic acid H 2 S Hydrosulfuric acid H 2 Se Hydroselenic acid H 2 Te Hydrotelluric acid HCN Hydrocyanic acid HC 2 H 3 O 2 , Acetic acid
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