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Compound Yes No Ionic Binary? Yes No General Name: CATION (CHARGE) ANION Non-metal w/ ide ending NaCl Sodium chlor ide CrCl 3 Chromium(III) chlor ide General Name: CATION (CHARGE) ANION Polyatomic Anion Name KNO 3 Potassium Nitrate Fe 2 (SO 4 ) 3 Iron(III) Sulfate Covalent? Yes No General Name: (Prefix) 1st Nonmetal (Prefix) 2nd Nonmetal w/ ide ending Prefix used to denote number of each element present. 1. mono 2. di
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Unformatted text preview: 3. tri 4. tetra 5. penta 6. hexa 7. hepta 8. octa 9. nona 10. deca Acids (in solution) Binary? Yes No Hydro prefix + anion name w/-ic ending HCl - Hydro chlor ic acid H 2 S - Hydro sulfur ic acid Polyatomic anion name w/ changed ending-ate = -ic-ite = ous ClO 3-= chlorate ion ---> HClO 3 = chlor ic acid ClO 2-= chlorite ion ---> HClO 2 = chlor ous acid...
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