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Exercise Set 9 ELECTROLYTES / ACID-BASE THEORY CHM 1025 Hw9-1025-Electrolytes.wpd 1. The ionic compounds listed below are water soluble. Write the ionic dissolution equation for each. 22 2 4 4 a) NaI b) CaBr c) KCN d) Ba(OH) e) K SO f) KHSO 33 4 2 3 2 2 2 7 2 43 42 g) Al(NO ) h) NH Cl i) NaC H O j) K Cr O k) Fe (SO ) l) Zn(ClO ) 2. By using the table of solubilities of ionic compounds in water, predict which compound(s) in each of the following groups is (are) expected to be soluble in water? If a compound is soluble, write the equation for its dissolution in water. 34 3 23 4 a) AgCl, Ag PO , AgNO b) KCl, K CO , KMnO 2 44 2 3 2 c) PbSO , Pb(NO ) , PbCO d) Na SO , NaClO , NaC H O 32 3 e) AgBr, KBr, AlBr f) NaOH, Ba(OH) , Al(OH) 24 2 2 4 2 2 4 g) Na S, CuS, (NH ) S h) K CrO , Hg Cl , NiCrO 3. Give the reduction half-reaction at the cathode and the oxidation half-reaction at the anode, and then the overall reaction when each of the following is subjected to electrolysis. 2 (aq) 2 3 a) CuI b) molten Fe O 4. Calculate the concentrations of all ions present in each of the following solutions of strong electrolytes. Which solution should be the best conductor of electric current? 2 2 a) 0.20 M CaCl b) 0.15 M Fe(NO ) c) 0.10 M Al (SO ) 5. Water is an extremely weak electrolyte, i.e. , a very poor conductor of electricity. Yet we are often cautioned not to operate electrical appliances when our hands are wet. Why? 6. Explain the difference in the chemical meaning of the symbols: ! and 7. Give the formula for the conjugate base of each of the potential Br ö nsted-Lowry acids listed.
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Hw9-1025-Electrolytes - Exercise Set ELECTROLYTES /...

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