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HwK-01-Int-Fund Principles

HwK-01-Int-Fund Principles - HW KEY 01 Fundamental...

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HW - KEY 01- F undamental Principles HwK-01-Fund Principles.wpd Scientific Philosophy 1. No. The greater the number of observations that conform to the predictions based on the law, the greater the confidence in the law. However, there is no point at which the law is ever verified with absolute certainty. 2. It should be called Coulomb's Law, because it simply summarizes experimental observations regarding the forces between charged objects. A theory would advance an explanation for why the charged objects behave as they do. 3. The theory with the greatest success in predicting future events, particularly those observations generated by experiment designed to differentiate between the conflicting theories, is the theory deemed most acceptable. Also, the fewer assumptions involved in formulating a theory the more acceptable the theory becomes. 4. Science advances largely by showing that one or more hypotheses or theories is wrong because of conflicts with reliable experimental results. The presence of conflicting theories encourages experimental activity to eliminate the weaker theories.
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