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Models Lab _ RDS(1) - Models Lab (This lab is based on...

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1 Models Lab (This lab is based on Doing Chemistry (DoChem 039 Shapes of Covalent Molecules) which is a project of the American Chemical Society sponsored by the National Science Foundation.) Purpose: To practice drawing Lewis structures for molecules, predicting shapes from these drawings, and building appropriate models. Discussion All of the molecules studied in this experiment obey the noble gas rule, and are ones for which suitable Lewis structures are easily drawn. In noble gas-rule molecules, eight electrons on each atom (except hydrogen which needs 2 electrons) are arranged in four pairs. Each pair of electrons is present either in a covalent bond or as a unshared pair. The electron pair repulsion rule (VSEPR) will guide the decisions regarding structure that will be made for the molecules studied here. According to this rule, the regions of electron density around an atom move as far apart from one another as possible. The region of electron density means a single bond, a double or triple bond, or an unshared electron pair. If all of the four electron pairs around an atom are in single bonds, they are oriented
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Models Lab _ RDS(1) - Models Lab (This lab is based on...

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