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1Periodic Properties Purpose: To examine the properties of a family in the Periodic Table and to use these properties to determine the identity of an unknown. Plan: Obtain solutions of Mg +2 , Ca +2 and Ba +2 as well as SO 4 −2 , CO 3 −2 and C 2 O 4 −2 . Using a micro pipet, add 10 drops of each cation solution to 10 drops of an anion solution in the micro plate. Prepare a table and record the results of each addition therein. After you have completed the above reactions obtain an unknown from your instructor.
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Unformatted text preview: The unknown will contain one of the three metal ions. Determine which ion is present. Results: 1. Write a chemical formula for each of the compounds formed. 2. Write a chemical reaction for each combination where a reaction occurred. 3. What metal ion was present in your unknown? Use your observations to support your choice....
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