ISP Chapter 6 solar systems

ISP Chapter 6 solar systems - Chapter 6 Solar Systems WHAT...

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Chapter 6: Solar Systems WHAT DOES THE SOLAR SYSTEM LOOK LIKE Sun Over 99.9% of solar systems mass Mercury A hot rock Venus The cloudy planet Surface is hotter and smoother than Mercurys Earth The water planet The double planet Mars Frozen planet Also a rock Jupiter Moons: io, europa, Ganymede, callisto worlds of ice and rock Largest moons are similar in size to our moon o Io, sulfur volcanoes o Europa; icy surface Saturn Giant and gaseous Rings are made of ice chunks Uranus Tilted planet Has many moons Neptune Almost a twin to Uranus except not tilt Pluto Dirty ball of ice Comets-also dirty balls of ice Spend most of their time in solar systems outer reaches Have elongated orbits EXCEPTIONS Uranus’s odd tilt Earths odd moon Venus rotating opposite direction WHAT THEORY BEST EXPLAINS THE FEATURES OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM
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Nebular theory- our solar system formed from a giant cloud of interstellar gas, it collapsed under its own gravity ? As gravity forced the cloud to become smaller, it began to spin faster and faster? o Conservation of angular momentum Gas settled into a spinning disk because spin slowed collapse perpendicular to spin axis WHERE DID SOLAR SYSTEM COME FROM Solar system formation is a stage of galactic recycling 4 big questions o Why does virtually everything in the solar system rotate in the same direction o Why are the inner worlds rocky and the other gaseous o Where did comets and asteroids come from o How can we explain the exceptions Collisions between gas particles in cloud gradually reduce random motions
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ISP Chapter 6 solar systems - Chapter 6 Solar Systems WHAT...

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