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Chapter 9- know chapter 9.3 too PLANETS AS HOMES FOR LIFE ? What is most similar to Pluto? -Kuiper belt comets WHAT DO ASTEROIDS LOOK LIKE Measure the mass by if something is orbiting it Gravitational interactions with planets have eliminated certain orbits in the solar system HOW ARE METEROITES RELATED TO ASTEROIDS AND COMETS? Meteoroid- chunk of rock that enters earth’s atmosphere Meteor- the bright tail of hot debris from the rock Meteorite- rock from space that reaches Earth’s surface Meteor showers happen when we pass through dust trail left by comets Meteors in a shower appear to emanate from the same area of sky because of Earth’s motion through space *Next shower oct 21 st around midnight ? How do we know how old the Earth is? -the ratio of radioactive elements in meteorites
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Unformatted text preview: WHAT ARE COMETS LIKE? A comets tail forms as sunlight melts the ice, releasing gas and dust particles • Tail points away from the sun • Tail points away because radiation and solar wind o Nucleus- tiny middle o Coma- part around that’s bright o Tail WHERE DO COMETS COME FROM? Kuiper belt- 30-100 AU, in disk of solar system in orderly orbits • 100,000 or so comets Oort Cloud- on random orbits extending about 50,000 AU • Trillions of comets ? If a comet moves from the north to the south as viewed from the Earth, where is it likely to be from?-The Oort Cloud ? What objects have the longest orbital periods?-The Oort Cloud HAVE WE EVER WITNESSES A MAJOR IMPACT? Jupiter – shoemaker levy- tidal forces tore comet apart...
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