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ISS Chapter 3 - ISS Chapter 3 Native Americans Indian...

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ISS Chapter 3: Native Americans Indian people have over 300 separate languages The Indian population today is about 2.4 million When Columbus arrived in the Americas the Indian population was estimated to about 10 million The experience of most minorities in the U.S has been a struggle to gain a place in the “melting pot” that include: Social acceptance Economic power Equal rights For Indian people the struggle is to Avoid being subjugated and to preserve the land, the water, and their traditions And their unique legal rights Indian nations are inherently sovereign and have negotiated approximately 600 treaties with the U.S government Today, Indian people have the highest birthrate in the US They also have the highest death rate American Indian families experience a higher rate of poverty than the general pop School drop-out rate is the highest among N.A Native American tribes are sovereign nations Treaties with the u.s government have been repeatedly broken Fought for fishing rights, fresh water, hunting grounds Even though they are not honored, treaties with the Indian population are the Supreme law of land Historical perspective of the American Indian Colonial period Entered into treaties with the British crown Violated treaty after treaty Relationships between the Indians and the colonists were often cordial After the revolutionary war: Ordinance for the regulation of Indian affairs 1787 northwest ordinance were passed by the new U.S government
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Promised not to take their lands without Indian permission Indian removal act of1830 Most of the Indian population was forced to move to Oklahoma Gold rush in the West brought many Europeans
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