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NOTES FROM Dr de Blij’s Lecture Tuesday, September 22, 2009 One of the most complicated places and societies in the world Country with the largest population in the world…One billion, 300 thousand people and growing China claims a small border with Afghanistan China is heading toward being a colonial power in the African continent Pollution in China is caused by man’s abuse of the environment The natural disaster area in China is in the south west due to volcanoes The Han are the majority population in China Xinjiang is a predominately Muslim section in China Xiang is mainly Buddhist If you are a minority in China the one child policy does not apply China considers Taiwan a “Wayward Province” Geographically speaking, there is no West Coast in China English still the largest second language in China There are over 1400 dialects in China Most can read the languages but cannot speak them
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Unformatted text preview: 400 million children in China have learned or are learning English In China, as in other countries, the poorest are typically the local population and the wealthiest are those who colonize the country There are approximately 500 million farmers living on $2.00 a day China does not have official time zones so those on the western part of the country keep two clocks, one on Beijing time (the official time) and one set to local time. The lack of time zones is designed to keep Beijing as the governing section of the country Examples of Chinas gigantic projects: Three Gorge Dam Railroad over the Himalayas High speed rail system Interstate highways extending all over China SAR = Special Administrative Regions: Macau and Hong Kong are SARs Taiwan is considering the SAR designation with mainland China China has a communist government...
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