ISS EXAM 2 study guide

ISS EXAM 2 study guide - The second exam will cover the...

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The second exam will cover the countries and films discussed since the last exam (South Africa, Scandinavia, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Australia) . It is recommended that you use the glossary in the text to identify some, but not all, of the terms on the exam. Not all terms will be identified by the country with which they are associated. SOUTH AFRICA Gay and lesbian rights In July 2002, the High Court of South Africa ruled that to deny same-sex couples the right to marry equally is discriminatory and thus unconstitutional Organization that attempts to prevent HIV/AIDS National Party Marks the onset of Apartheid African National Congress program of action was the first significant step in the black political struggle Original settlers Dutch, French, and German Ilobolo Bridewealth Community that treats children coldly The Swazi parents Commonly practiced cohabitation without marriage in Black and Coloured communities “Love marriage” SCANDINAVIA Activity during WWII The Danish people came to the aid of their Jews. Marriage traditions in Sweden Countries with a constitutional monarch The three kingdoms of Scandinavia Capsberg Children’s Law Early courtship practices and terms TURKEY Prized characteristic parents instill in children Most important value honor Age demographics The Turkish population is very young with about 2/3 under the age
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ISS EXAM 2 study guide - The second exam will cover the...

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