ISS EXAM 3 study guide

ISS EXAM 3 study guide - SINGAPORE Living under the British...

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Unformatted text preview: SINGAPORE Living under the British rule Under British rule Singapore grew in importance as a trade route. British government officials and merchants encouraged trade with India and the spice trade. Living conditions in colonial Singapore were unsanitary and sometimes harsh. British Settlers claimed the best lands and the best houses in Singapore Person credited for founding the country Sir Thomas Raffles Percentage of women have trouble finding husbands 40% Abortion rights Abortion is legal, but only in the first two trimesters (six months) of pregnancy (exact time frames vary) Life to save the life of the mother Health to preserve the physical health of the mother Mental to preserve the mental health of the mother Rape in cases of rape and incest Defect when the unborn child has medical problems or birth defects Social for social and/or economic reasons, e.g. if the mother cannot afford to support a child Demand available on demand, no reason need be given Family make-up Private property Housing policies Extremely rare. Most Singaporeans live in high-rise apartments or condominiums leased out by government. Because Singapore is surrounded by water there is nowhere to go but up. Religion that is banned Jehovah’s Witness Education system Singapore had an educational system that stressed tracking and sorting of students into appropriate programs . The combination of a school system emphasizing testing and tracking led to high levels of competition, parental pressure for achievement. Programs to control the growth of uneducated population Programs to encourage marriage between educated couples OCEANIA (Micronesia and Marshall Islands) The richest natural starch to exist (found in Micronesia ) Arrow Root Impact of the nuclear age Nuclear families slept in separate thatched or plywood sleeping houses. Sometimes families shared a familiar sleeping house Abortion regulations The government has no official position on the issue. Who is considered family in the Marshall Islands grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and far-flung relatives Hierarchy of parenting low to high: protecting members from danger, provide basic needs, train for future survival, provide social belonging, build self esteem, help reach potential Importance of certain foods in Micronesia Certain foods assume a special status during feasts and are considered essential.status during feasts and are considered essential....
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ISS EXAM 3 study guide - SINGAPORE Living under the British...

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