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Physics 1 Problem - 22 Chapt 2 One-Dimensional Kinematics b Given the conditions must the Jag pass the Mercedes Why(If your answer is no you can

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22 Chapt. 2 One-Dimensional Kinematics b) Given the conditions, must the Jag pass the Mercedes? Why? (If your answer is no, you can skip the rest of the question.) c) Calculate the time to the pass? d) Calculate the distance from the stoplight to the pass? e) How fast is the Jag going at the pass in meters per second AND miles per hour? 002 qfull 00444 2 3 0 moderate math: geo yaris two object problem 6. A 1992 GM Geo Metro is stopped at a red light. A 2007 Toyota Yaris passes the Geo (and runs the red light). At the time of this pass, the Yaris has velocity 30 . 0 m / s and constant acceleration of 1 . 00 m / s 2 . Two seconds (more precisely 2 . 00 s) after the pass, the “law-abiding” Geo accelerates from rest with constant acceleration 2 . 00 m / s 2 . TIME ZERO is when the Geo starts to move. HINT: Draw a displacement motion diagram to understand what is going on. a) Will the Geo ever pass the Yaris? If so, why?
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