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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 27

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 27 - Chapt 2 One-Dimensional...

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Chapt. 2 One-Dimensional Kinematics 23 9. Irish sprinters Nuala O’Blarney and Sinead O’Donnybrook both run the 100-meter sprint in 10 . 6 s—which is good, but not world class. a) What are their average velocities? b) Nuala accelerates from REST at a constant acceleration for some time period and then runs the rest of the race at 10 . 0 m / s in time period 9 . 3 s. (Recall her total race time was 10 . 6 s.) What was her displacement from the start at the end of her acceleration phase? What was her acceleration in the acceleration phase? What was her final velocity in the acceleration phase? Nuala’s displacement must be continuous as a function of time, but her velocity may NOT be. c) Sinead runs her race in two phases too. There is an acceleration phase with constant acceleration a for t 1 = 1 . 00 s and then a constant-velocity phase with constant velocity v 2 for the rest of the way. She starts from REST and her velocity as a function of time is CONTINUOUS at all times. Find her constant-acceleration phase acceleration
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