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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 33

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 33 - Chapt 3 Vectors and...

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Chapt. 3 Vectors and Trigonometry 29 d) can be chosen in infinitely many ways. However, the physics of the vector remains the same and in any problem the choice of components (i.e., the choice of a coordinate system) is arbitrary. But some choices make the problem a lot easier. e) cannot be determined at all in principle. 003 qmult 00510 1 1 1 easy memory: vector addition with components 27. Vector addition is defined to be done by adding the vector components by the: a) ordinary real number addition rule. b) ordinary real number multiplication rule. c) extraordinary real number multiplication rule. d) super-unusual real number multiplication rule. e) law of cosines. 003 qmult 00530 1 1 2 easy memory: vector addition 28. You can add vectors: division.
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