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Chapt. 4 Two- and Three-Dimensional Kinematics 35 What is , Alex? a) apparent motion b) projectile motion c) one-dimensional motion d) trigonometric motion e) unstoppable motion 004 qmult 00210 2 1 1 mod. deducto-mem.: gravity is always downward on Earth Extra keywords: physci 6. A ball is tossed into the air and falls to the ground some distance away. Consider its motion in the vertical direction only and neglect air drag. a) The ball has a constant acceleration downward. b) The ball Frst accelerates UPWARD on its rising path and then accelerates DOWNWARD on its falling path. c) The ball Frst accelerates DOWNWARD on its rising path and then accelerates UPWARD on its falling path. d) The ball does not accelerate at all. e) The ball is always accelerating in the upward direction. 004 qmult 00220 1 5 2 moderate thinking: projectile parabolic arc 7. Which best describes the path of a ball thrown on level ground at an angle 30 above the horizontal as seen from a side view. a) Two straight lines that meet at an apex: one for the rising phase; one the declining phase.
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