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Chapt. 4 Two- and Three-Dimensional Kinematics 43 x direction. b) Solve for v x 0 and v y 0 as functions of ONLY x , y , t and g . c) Solve for the launch speed v 0 and launch angle θ from the horizontal as functions of ONLY x , y , t , and g . Note ONLY x , y , t , and g . d) The ball landed 125 m in horizontal distance from the launch pad (i.e., homeplate) and 25 m above the launch height. The Fight time was 3 . 98 s. What was the launch speed and angle? 004 qfull 00240 3 3 0 tough math: orient express 6. You are on the last run of the historic Orient Express train in 1939 traveling from Paris to Istanbul. Somewhere between Belgrade and So±a, the train ominously starts accelerating in the reverse direction—which we will call the negative x direction. The MAGNITUDE of this acceleration is a tr . The train is on a STRAIGHT , level line of track. Neglect AIR DRAG . a) Inside the train car a projectile is launched in the positive x direction (i.e., in the forward direction). What is the horizontal acceleration
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