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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 47

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 47 - Chapt 4 Two and...

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Chapt. 4 Two- and Three-Dimensional Kinematics 43 x direction. b) Solve for v x 0 and v y 0 as functions of ONLY x , y , t and g . c) Solve for the launch speed v 0 and launch angle θ from the horizontal as functions of ONLY x , y , t , and g . Note ONLY x , y , t , and g . d) The ball landed 125 m in horizontal distance from the launch pad (i.e., homeplate) and 25 m above the launch height. The flight time was 3 . 98 s. What was the launch speed and angle? 004 qfull 00240 3 3 0 tough math: orient express 6. You are on the last run of the historic Orient Express train in 1939 traveling from Paris to Istanbul. Somewhere between Belgrade and Sofia, the train ominously starts accelerating in the reverse direction—which we will call the negative x direction. The MAGNITUDE of this acceleration is a tr . The train is on a STRAIGHT , level line of track. Neglect AIR DRAG . a) Inside the train car a projectile is launched in the positive x direction (i.e., in the forward direction). What is the horizontal acceleration RELATIVE to the train car in terms of knowns?
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