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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 59

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 59 - Chapt 5 Newtons Laws and...

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Chapt. 5 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics I 55 at s to first order. The normal force per unit length exerted by the rope on the curved surface is equal in magnitude to f nor , but points radially inward by the 3rd law. The tension at any point s along the is given by T = T 0 F par ( s ) , where T 0 is the tension at the start of the at s = 0 and F par is the integrated applied parallel force per unit length along the from the start to s . a) ideal rigid rod b) ideal rope c) unreal rigid rod d) uaenrl riigd rod e) ideal door 005 qmult 01130 1 1 2 easy memory: ideal rope with constant tension 47. A taut ideal, massless rope should have tension (i.e., constant magnitude of tension force) between two endpoints provided no external forces parallel to the rope act on it BETWEEN the endpoints: there will in general be external applied forces to hold it taut at the endpoints. The rope does not have to be straight. It can be wrapped around constraints as long as their surfaces exert no parallel forces on it. a) wildly varying b) constant c) complexly varying d) zero e) 9 . 8 N / kg.
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