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Unformatted text preview: 56 Chapt. 5 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics I c) The kinetic coefficient is always larger. d) The kinetic coefficient is usually larger. e) The static coefficient is almost always (always?) larger. 005 qmult 01240 1 1 3 easy memory: friction to heat Extra keywords: physci related to KB-94-9 but not really that 53. The friction between sliding surfaces tends to change macroscopic kinetic energy into: a) potential energy. b) rest mass energy. c) thermal or heat energy. d) magnetic energy. e) nothing. 005 qmult 01280 1 5 4 easy thinking: balanced forces on a coffee cup 54. You are pushing a coffee cup across a table (just an ordinary table, not an imaginary frictionless table) at a CONSTANT velocity. The magnitudes of the push force and frictional force are | F p | and | F f | , respectively. a) | F f | > | F p | and this is why the cup does not accelerate. b) The | F f | < | F p | , but nevertheless the frictional force prevents any acceleration....
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