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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 5 Newtons Laws and Dynamics I 59 b) Say you reduce thrust to 1800 N and find that the pod has an acceleration of . 50 m / s 2 taking upward as the positive direction. What is the mass of your pod including yourself? c) Whats the free-fall acceleration magnitude due to gravity near the Io surface (i.e., g Io , the analog to g for gravity near Earths surface)? The free-fall acceleration acceleration magnitude is also the gravitational field magnitude. d) Say you have a mass of 70 kg. Whats your WEIGHT on Io and what is your Io weight divided by your Earth weight (i.e., the weight RATIO )? e) Now the hard part. After finishing your excursion on the sulforous icy/boiling surface of the solar systems most volcanically active body, you launch and go into uniform circular motion, low-Io orbit. The gravitational acceleration is approximately the same as the surface gravitational acceleration and the radius of the orbit is approximately just Ios mean radius of 1821 .....
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