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Unformatted text preview: 60 Chapt. 5 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics I a) What is your acceleration? HINT: Draw that free body diagram. b) How far do you travel along the slope in 10 s assuming you start from rest? c) Now the hard part. Assume that the wind force is not constant, but increases at a constant rate from 100 N to 200 N in the 10 s of travel. How far do you travel along the slope now? HINT: You will have to do an integration. 005 qfull 01120 2 5 0 moderate thinking: Bob swinging on a rope Extra keywords: Adapted from Physics Today, 2002, May, 55, no. 5, 52; a cent used 9. You have tied your good old pal Bob on a rope from the ceiling—but not around the neck—and have set him swinging. Assume there is negligible air drag, negligible friction at the pivot point, and that the rope stays straight. a) Draw a schematic diagram illustrating Bob’s motion. Mark on the lowest point P and the highest point Q—well one of the highest points....
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